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Kidsphone - JooN2(IF-W510S)

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Kidsphone - JooN2(IF-W510S)


JooN2 Phone for Kids
A Child can easily use the JooN2 phone developed for kids by wearing the phone on the wrist.
JooN2 Phone has more functions than JooN1, but the concepts of the two remain identical.

JooN is the safety guard of your kid.
JooN Phone is capable of making voice calls and receiving messages from the phone numbers of parents and other acquaintances registered on JooN Phone: it indicates in real time the current location of the kid user of JooN phone.

JooN is a smart commuication channel between your kid and your family members.
Your kid makes use of JooN Phone to communicate conveniently with you as well as other members of your family.

In particular, a "JooN Talk" function is added on JooN2 for bidirectional communication between you and your kid.
You can sense how your kid feels by viewing emoticons over JooN Talk: at the same time, your kid can send common messages and voice files over JooN Talk.

Let's communicate with your kid via JooN in the smart era.




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Kidsphone _ JooN2_IF_W510S_

Kidsphone _ JooN2_IF_W510S_